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Eagle's Inc Global Inc. Kingdom Outreach exists for the purpose of  glorifying God through worship and Bible Enrichment to train and equip individuals for Kingdom purpose. Founded in 2002, under the leadership of Dr. Sonia B. Elliott (Apostle). operates as a non-profit organization with its principal headquarters in Florida. We also provide University classes at AKU for those who wish to further their education in biblical studies. Leadership seminars are impactful and life-changing. We are called out to reach touch and teach individuals through the word of God pointing to a deeper relationship with Elohim through Yashua Christ-Messiah. We also serve as support to leaders who are in need


We have a mandate to sound the alarm; reach out, touch generations and teach/preach the Kingdom. We aim to reach touch individuals all walks of life to be all God has ordained for them to be.

Doctrinal Statement

We believe in the trinity. There is one God, eternally existent is; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (1 John 5:7) (John 14:16-20) ( Luke 3:21-23)We believe in the infilling of the Holy Ghost as a fulfillment of the promise of the Father by the initial physical sign of speaking in other tongues. We believe all of the gifts of the Spirit should be in operation in the church. (Acts 2:1-4)

We believe salvation is accomplished through confessing with the mouth the Lord Jesus, and believing in the heart that God hath raised Him from the dead. (John 3:3) (Romans 10:9-10)

We believe Yashua Jesus defeated Satan at Calvary and delegated authority over Satan to His body, the church, according to Luke 10:17-20.We believe in water baptism as an ordinance of the Church symbolizing that one has died with Jesus and has been raised with Him. (1 Peter 3:21) (Matthew 28:19-20)

We believe in the observance of the Lord’s Supper as an acknowledgment of the broken body and shed blood of Jesus Christ as the New Covenant between God and man. (1 Corinthians 11:20-27)

We believe in the observance of the Biblical feasts. (Leviticus 12:1-2)

We believe one should walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh, in conduct that demonstrates the character of Jesus Christ. (Galatians 5:16-25)

Shalom      Dr Sonia B. Elliott, President   

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