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Dr. Elliott helps individuals to achieve the best versions of themselves through her dynamically diverse speaking, teaching, and training. As a keynote speaker, counselor, and Ordained Minister, Dr. Elliott engages people of all ages to “Walk in your identity, position, and God-given Purpose ”.

Dr. Elliott has the vision to serve nations beyond regions of the church. She believes you have to meet individuals where they are, to empower them to get to their destiny. She is a pioneer, CEO/ founder of Sonia Elliott Global Ministries, Elliott Global Leadership Institute, Counseling Coaching and Consulting,  Eagle's Wings Global Inc, Avodah Kingdom University a company sparked to kindle hope and ignite empowerment among the next generation of leaders.   Dr. Elliott is absolutely committed to motivating this next generation to be high achievers as she introduces new audiences every day to strive for success.

Dr. Elliott also provides University classes for those who wish to further their education in biblical studies. Her Leadership seminars are impactful and life-changing.

Dr. Elliott is an RN and has earned her Ph.D. in Christian Counseling, AES Psychology also D.Div.  She is a Mental Health and Executive Coach, Certified Temperament  Counselor  and certified in neuropsychotherapy. Dr. Elliott is also the author of “Stress a Catalyst”., Why do We have Struggles within  along with workbook. She is also a proud mother of four children, grand/great grandmother

Dr. Elliott is recognized for her dedication to reaching those in need of mentoring, counseling, and training, also in her obedience to the Great Commission with the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

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